Teaching the Explore

Artificial islands

Start the Explore by asking pupils what they can remember about how islands are formed. Remind them of the different types of formation and find out what they can remember. You may want to revisit the series of slides from Explore 1 that detail each of the formation types.

Explain that an artificial island is a man-made island that has been created by humans rather than forming through one of the natural methods.

Use the teaching slides to share some examples of artificial islands. Start by looking at The Palm. Discuss why this island was built and how it is used. Look at some other examples of artificial islands. The teaching slides look at The World in Dubai, Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan and the Islands of Uros off the coast of Peru.

Main task

Set-up a scenario in which pupils have been asked to design their artificial island development. Pupils will need to:

  1. Explain what their island will be used for. What facilities will it have? Who will visit their island? Why will they visit? What will they do there?
  2. Design their island and annotate a detailed diagram of it to explain their design decisions.
  3. Seek feedback from their peers and re-design based on that feedback.

Assess, reflect, connect

Pupils to reflect on their designs and share their work with their peers. They will need to explain the purpose of their island and justify their design decisions. They should also share the feedback they received and the changes that they made as a result.