Teaching the Explore

Key vocabulary tasks

Pupils to write three synonyms of the word ‘improve’, two sentences using the word ‘improve’ and one sentence to define the word ‘improve’. This will allow pupils to understand the requirements of the driving question.

Pupils to then categorise the Explore titles from this theme into the ‘human world’ and the ‘physical world’. This will encourage pupils to make links between prior knowledge in the theme and begin forming a plan to help them to answer the driving question. (Some groupings are given on the following slide.)

Are humans improving the world?

Brainstorm ways in which humans are improving the world (e.g. through art, music, architecture, charity work, tourism, and environmental and animal campaigns.

Now consider ways in which humans are having a negative impact on the world.

Recap the previous series of Explores. Pupils should describe some ways in which different communities around the world are being affected by climate change.

Now look at islands such as the Maldives, which are disproportionately affected by rising sea levels, and places like Baffin Island’s glaciers that are melting. How are these islands affected by climate change? Explore the impact of rising temperatures on the Maldives and Baffin Island.

Look at the videos in the slides for information to help generate the debate.

Inuit way of life:


Baffin Island:

For context, consider the effects that climate change is having on places in the UK, such as the flooding of Boscastle in Cornwall and floods of 2015 and 2020. These links are not in the slides but can be shared if desired.

What might the UK look like when the ice caps have melted, and sea levels have risen by 66 metres? How does this make pupils feel? What can they do about it?

A link to National Geographic in the slides shows how the world may look if sea levels continue to rise:

How have some people in Iceland reacted to the changes to their environment? How does this make pupils feel? What can they do about it? This Newsround video can be viewed in the slide:

Main task

Pupils complete a response to the driving question using the planning sheet structure support if needed.

Pupils to use evidence from their theme learning to support their response. Pupils must write a balanced argument in this task and the planning sheet should support them with this.

Pupils can also use their hands to structure their writing. Explain to pupils that one hand supports one viewpoint and the other supports the opposing viewpoint.

Assess, reflect, connect

Hold a class debate on the driving question: Are humans improving the world? Explain to pupils that they may not come out with a definitive outcome and that they may be torn between both sides of the argument.