Teaching the Explore

Why are islands attractive destinations for tourists?

Encourage pupils to discuss this question using their knowledge of islands so far. See the teaching slide for some suggested answers (remote, offer peace and tranquillity, beaches for families, coastlines for walking, possible water sports for thrill seekers, indigenous wildlife and a natural environment to explore, unique culture and experience (e.g. food, music, art).

Where on the planet are these amazing places?

Introduce these five amazing islands that are popular with tourists:

  • Japan
  • The Maldives
  • Cuba
  • Madagascar
  • Hawaii

Pupils should use atlases to find out where they are. Present the answer to pupils.

Main task

Explain to pupils that they are going to choose one of these islands to advertise to the teacher/customer to persuade them to travel to this island. Once they have chosen, they will need to visit the slide of the destination and watch the video, taking notes. The videos are:

  • Japan:
  • The Maldives:
  • Cuba:
  • Madagascar:
  • Hawaii:

They will need to create an advert that includes the following points.

  • A way of showing where the island is and its visual impact on tourists
  • Facts about local language and culture
  • Examples of accommodation
  • Activities and food (e.g. water sports, nightlife, sporting activities)

Remind pupils of the need for persuasive language, pointing pupils to the key vocabulary.
Signpost pupils back to the destination slides to help them research, as well as to holiday brochures and other web pages.

Once they have prepared their advert, pupils will present their advert to the teacher and class to persuade them to go to their island.

Booking form

Once the advert has been created, and the teacher has been persuaded to visit the island, pupils will now need to consider the cost of a package island trip for the teacher/customer and create a booking form.
They will need to consider different package costs. Share slides in this section of the PowerPoint, which include a series of flights, hotels, expeditions and food packages to help. Pupils might also make up some of their own, specific to their island.

  1. What package will they put together? Will it be top of the range or budget; for families or individuals?
  2. How will they cater for different budgets?

Pupils could even consider exchange rates to purchase travel money or to calculate the cost of items in different currencies.

Assess, reflect, connect

Now pupils have created the ultimate island holiday experience, they are to reflect on this question:
If adverts did not exist, would people still go on holiday?

Thematic maths opportunity

Maths opportunity 1 – departure and arrival times

Using the departure and arrival time boards, answer the questions on the worksheet that involve converting the time zones. There is a time zone map to help with this activity. The answers are in the slides.

Maths opportunity 2 – customer letter

Write a letter to a customer giving them the details of their holiday using the information cards on the worksheet.