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The Primary thematic curriculum is centred around the core concepts of Excite, Explore and Excel. It is through this that the learning journey through a theme is structured, allowing pupils to become excited about the context of a theme, explore the learning opportunities a theme offers and ultimately to excel academically and personally.

The curriculum covers National Curriculum subject areas in the form of essential skills, with each theme having a particular subject focus, as well as links to other subject areas. These essential skills allow learning to be focussed as well as ensure a broad and balanced curriculum offer

It includes a number of features that are intended to support teachers deliver a rigorous, exciting and purposeful curriculum. These range from features such as the Driving Question, which is intended to frame learning and provide a bigger picture view for the learning, through to features such as People, Place and Time, which provide opportunities for pupils to contextualise their learning through the significant people, places and events around each theme. These can also be used to develop a depth of learning and encourage pupils to see the interrelationships between themes. Other features also include, theme essential knowledge and vocabulary, low-stakes assessment, formal assessment opportunities (excels) and cultural awareness. For detail of all the features see the Introduction to the primary curriculum in ‘Resources’.

Explore plans provide detailed support for teachers to teach each aspect of a theme. There are teaching slides for each Explore, alongside additional pupil resources when needed. A real focus has been placed on ensuring that the content of the resources provide scaffold and support to both teachers and pupils.

Another feature of the curriculum is the ‘Explore with your family’ aspect of each theme. These are a series of activities that encourage pupils’ curiosity and creativity. They are intended to extend learning beyond school and engage pupils and families in the context and content of the key thematic learning.

Open the resources above to find out more. This includes:

  • Introduction to the primary curriculum
  • Curriculum map
  • Overview of this theme
  • Complete teacher notes for the theme
  • Pedagogical guidance on hybrid learning
  • Videos about using Microsoft Teams, Google and Loom to deliver online lessons